Racing is Fun and Helps You Improve Your Technique

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Every so often when you are at ski areas, you will see skiers or boarders on race courses.  There is an avenue for you to try racing, through ski clubs that participate in League ski races in Oregon, Northern California, Southern California and Nevada.  Anybody with any skiing or boarding ability, can participate in these races.
We separate racers by their age, ability and sex, so everybody has an opportunity to be competitive in their own little group of peers.  Juniors and seniors can all have fun on a controlled, well groomed race course and a safe environment.  We stress safety at our events and also try to move people through the courses quickly, so there is plenty of time to free ski or ride on the hill and very little time waiting to run on the race course.
There is no special equipment needed to participate, only a helmet, however, you will perform better with all-mountain or race skis or a race snowboard.  Our program is very economical as most season racing fees are under $120 per year, or you can drop in for only $20 to try it out.  Some clubs have first time racer programs so you may be able to try it at no cost, your first time around.  As a club member, you may also receive lift ticket discounts on race days at most ski areas where we race.
At most events, you can sign up in the morning before the race, normally there will be a sign-up location somewhere visible in the ski lodge of the ski area.  Be sure to ask any of the organizers of the event, and they will gladly help you out and get you signed up for some real fun.  When you sign up, you will probably receive a race bib, which you will wear on the race course, so we know who is on the course.
Let the organizers know that you are new to this, and they can set you up with an experienced racer that can help you out with some tips throughout the day.  Racing itself is a lot of fun, and it will help you improve your technique, plus, it is a great way to meet new friends that you can ski and board with later on.  Our website is www.FWRA.com.  The Championship races in April do require that racers race in at least 3 previous races.
We are always looking for new racers that want to learn or have fun, so come join us and have a great time with our racing group!



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