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First major winter storm of 2012

0 Comments 21 January 2012

It took a while to get started this year, but the first major winter storm of 2012 and this winter is bearing down upon Alpine Meadows as I write this. The beginning of this season certainly stands out in glaring contrast to last year’s epic early snows, but try as we might we can’t change the weather and we have to play the hand we’re dealt. I applaud the efforts of the snowmaking and grooming teams for fighting an ongoing battle against the sun, warmth, and lack of natural snow over the past month and half. I think we can all agree that some skiing is better than no skiing, but there’s nothing better than the real thing which is why this storm is so exciting. We’re finally getting that season-opener storm, sure its a little overdue, but better late than never…

Luckily, this storm is rolling in just the way we need it, starting warm and hopefully finishing cold, if the forecast is correct. Since there is little to no base over most of the mountain this wet dense snow is just what the doctor ordered to spackle in and stick to everything and cover it up for the rest of the season. The temperatures are forecast to drop overnight tonight while the precipitation intensifies, dropping as many as 9-13 inches at lake level around Tahoe City by Saturday morning with snow forecast to continue intermittently through Tuesday. I’d recommend dusting off the powder boards and maybe even throwing a coat of wax on ‘em, it looks like winter has finally arrived…

As we head into the next week I would also urge the use of caution. This is, quite literally, the first major storm of the season. While the snow should be piling up quickly it is important to remember what the mountains looked like a few days ago. Its pretty obvious that people are powder starved and chomping at the bit to get out shred, so have fun and be safe, there’s still a lot of season left to enjoy….

-Jeremy Benson


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