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Errol Kerr’s Rahlves’ Banzai Recap

0 Comments 27 January 2011


This past weekend, we had the first annual Daron Rahlves Beaver Bowl Banzai at Alpine Meadows.  It was an amazing event.  My hat goes off to Daron for getting the event together, and Alpine Meadows for hosting it.

The race crew did a great job.  It went off flawless.

Saturday was qualifying.  Conditions were perfect.  We had nice soft corn snow, and I was able to set the fastest qualifying time.  I had a good feeling going into Sunday.

All of Sunday was going amazing until the last heat.  Kinda got together in the first corner, and Marcus Caston got by me, and I was chasing him down.  Hats off to Marcus Caston.  He skied amazingly, and the event was amazing.

Sunday was definitely one of the most challenging courses I have ever skied in my entire life.  That just goes to show that you don’t have to go around the world.  We just have to stay right here at Alpine Meadows to push ourselves to the absolute edge, that “limit”!!  Everybody’s trying to find it!

Errol Kerr, Jamaica Ski Team - who has written 19 posts on Ski Alpine Meadows.
The one-man Jamaica Ski Team, you can see Errol blazing down skier cross courses all over the world, representing the colors of Jamaica and his hometown ties to Alpine Meadows.

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