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Daron Rahlves scouts for the Beaver Bowl Banzai at Alpine Meadows

1 Comment 03 January 2011

The First Stop of the Rahlves’ Banzai Tour comes to Alpine Meadows’ Beaver Bowl January 22 and 23.

Daron Rahlves, the man himself dropped by Alpine Meadows Monday to scope out the course, primed with record-breaking snow fall from the early season.

He said he was excited for the first-time race in the legendary Beaver Bowl, which offers a lengthy run with a lot of exciting natural features to build a course through.

The most decorated American Downhill and Super G skier in history, Rahlves’ new endeavor pits four skiers or snowboarders against each other in big-mountain-meets-ski-and-boarder-cross racing.
Winners take a $10,000 purse at each stop, a $10,000 prize goes to the  overall tour winner and $10,000 more is up for grabs in the  super final winner take all event, adding up to $50,000.

But there are only 125 spaces, so enter now at the Rahlves Banzai website!



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1 comment

  1. What a killer day it will be! I just entered the comp! It will be my first comp and what a doosey it will be. What a stand-up character Daron Rahlves is. This is going to rock!

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