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BAR BAR BAR – Alpine Opens the Ice Bar

0 Comments 24 December 2010

Yes, it certainly appears that Santa has come early this year.  On top of epic snow dumps in the past few days, Spring weather and all this coming over the holidays; The Ice Bar is opening today!  Not that we all need another justification to hit the backside but if there is to be one more reason what a better excuse than being able to slide in to warm up and have a cold one.

If you forgot to pack the party this is where to find it.  The Ice Bar is renowned as an unparalleled Tahoe experience where friends gather and gatherers make friends while basking on the south slopes in the winter sun for which the Sierra’s are famous.  Kick back here because the atmosphere is well, kicked back.  Get down, literally to the bottom of the Sherwood Express Chair on the Backside, and look forward to getting down with the Alpine Bandwagon.  This hybrid snowcat sound stage makes regular appearances at the Ice Bar to help the party happen.

You should have the sunscreen already, we’ll provide the lounge chairs and everyone will just have to imagine the beach is just off the steps with the chill (not to be confused with chilly – it’s supposed to be warm and sunny) attitudes and ambiance, barbecued bratz, an occasional snowball brawl (think getting splashed by that person who thinks they know how to be flirtatious while kickin’ it poolside).  However you shred your mountain, there is good times to be had by all.

If you are wondering where the crowds are on the Frontside, on a Friday, over the holidays it can mean only a couple things; 1 – The Abominable Snowman was discovered! …At Alpine. 2 – The secret ingredients to the Colonel’s chicken was reviled at the local KFC. 3 – The Ice Bar is open for business.  As with most multiple choice tests with only 3 answers, go with the last option.  When there’s more then three choices the statistics change dramatically and the best guess isn’t just given away for free.  Sorry all you college students, if your professors do multiple choice tests beyond 3 choices, you’ll have to earn those degrees on your own.  Enjoy the best off the beaten path place to chillax this season starting today at the Ice Bar.

Beach Bash @ the Ice Bar!



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