If you saved your 09/10 Pass or Alpine Club card, you’re stoked!

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Hey Alpine passholders and Alpine Club members!  Just a friendly reminder that if you still have your 2009/2010 season pass or club card, keep it!

Your 2010/2011 season pass or club membership will automatically be loaded onto last year’s pass or club card.

Why is this awesome for you?

  • The first day you visit this winter, just hop on the chair. No waiting in lines to pick up a new pass or Alpine Club card! Just hit the slopes and have fun!
  • You won’t have to make a special trip over to the mountain on your lunch break before the season starts.
  • Some answers to questions you may have:

    Hey, but what if I bought a different type of pass this year?
    Regardless of the type of pass you purchased last year versus this year, the cool RFID technology will automatically recognized and update your season pass media card immediately.

    What if I had an Alpine Club membership last year, but bought a pass this year? Or vice versa?
    No problem! The RFID technology will recognize this adjustment as well. Just jump on that lift and start makin’ turns.

    Where should I look for my pass or club card?
    Try your glove box… inside pocket of your ski jacket… key ring… sock drawer… wallet… gear bag… pass collection in the closet… under your car seat… odds-and-ends drawer in the kitchen… maybe the cooler you brought on closing day from last spring? Those are pretty good places to look first.

    What if I want to triple check, or what if I have further questions about this process?
    Feel free to call the Alpine Meadows Special Tickets desk at 530.581.8310 or send an email to specialtickets@skialpine.com.



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