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0 Comments 13 February 2010

Dear Alpine Meadows folk,

We heard your radio ads for Alpine Meadows recently (great!) and thought you might enjoy hearing our story.

We spent our first family weekend at Alpine Meadows the weekend before last, and our 7 yr. old daughter, Sadie, got to ski for the first time ever. At first, we were a bit apprehensive about spending the entire day on the bunny slopes. But once we hit the snow, she got the hang of it pretty quickly. We thought you might like to see our video of her coming down from Hot Wheels

and then later in the day coming down Alpine Bowl from the Summit Chair (she’s the small black speck in front with the red coat/blue pants)

Originally, we were a little surprised to see she could do this her first time out… and, frankly, spent most the day laughing. But in thinking about it, clearly we can attribute it to the superior snow and grooming conditions we enjoyed while at Alpine Meadows – it was just gorgeous!!

As far as convincing other parents who may be considering taking their kids up for the first time – perhaps sharing this video would help convince them how much fun they’re going to have!

We just wanted to let you know what a great time we had (WAY better than we were expecting) and what a fantastic mountain you’ve got.

Keep up the great work!!

All our best,

Deb, Matt, & Sadie



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