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Alpine Meadows/Jamaica Ski Team send-off Party

0 Comments 10 February 2010

On February 6th, Alpine Meadows had our Jamaica Ski Team Olympic send-off Party. It was exciting and fun to see so many people there and behind us and excited about what we are about to go partake in. So it was a great day. I had an opportunity to forerun the Giant Slalom Junior Olympic Qualifier for the J3’s which is really fun because I came up through that whole program. It’s really fun to come back and see all the little kids so excited about skiing. We had a great party, a great fundraiser, and a great band playing. “HATS OFF” to Alpine Meadows.

Here’s the young man who won the Briko helmet in the auction!

Jamaica Ski Team fundraiser helmet winner!

Errol Kerr, Jamaica Ski Team - who has written 19 posts on Ski Alpine Meadows.
The one-man Jamaica Ski Team, you can see Errol blazing down skier cross courses all over the world, representing the colors of Jamaica and his hometown ties to Alpine Meadows.

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