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I am Contently Overwhelmed

0 Comments 02 February 2010

Warren Miller’s “DYNASTY” – I was lucky enough to watch the filming of the movie, right there @ A.M.!! This was my first time to the mountain & I was Overwhelmed! Its beautiful & something for everyone! After watching the Spectacular pros perform their magic, I decided to embark on the Back of the Mt. myself & hit the South Face run. I didn’t get too far when all of the sudden me & my friend were in powder over our heads! ha ha haaa!!! I seriously had never had that happen B4. we had to move out of the zone just to continue. Have you ever heard of too much powder-NEVER!!! Then we found this area that looked like it was a 1/2 Pipe but was really just the formation of the Mt. itself!! I couldn’t believe it & we were boost’n airs on it! Thanks A.M. I tell everyone & hope to be back soon!

I AM Contently Overwhelmed
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