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I am another year older

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It was the winter of ’88-89 when I worked on the mountain first. My brother and I used to volunteer for Trail Crew so we could get out with the guys and post fences and ski all day instead of standing at the bottom of the chair sweeping off chairs. It was a glorious year for a group of us from Ventura County as we had rented a house and worked on the mountain, living the dream.

I’ll never forget getting first tracks all over the mountain, jumping cliffs and bombing groomers down Lakeview before the race team set up the gates. I’ll never forget the frozen hands and toes, the Munchkins runs, dropping into wide open bowls full of untracked powder way off to skiers right in Sherwood and having a blast at work everyday even if we only got to ski 2 runs at lunch and the run on the way home.

As Warren Miller says, “if you don’t go now, you’ll be another year older when you do.” I look back at those few years when I lived in North Lake Tahoe and remember beautiful mornings, wonderful people and glorious sunsets on that mountain. I keep saying to myself, I gotta get back there one day.

You kids don’t know how good you have it. Summit chair used to be 12 minutes on a fast day! They used to bust us for jumping off of anything bigger than a mogul, and all the cliffs were closed off most of the time. Knuckle draggin grommets weren’t even allowed on the hill back then.

I wonder who used to rope off all the cliffs?;)

So, I am another year older, and looking back I feel a warmth knowing that the mountain and the people of Alpine Meadows are still going strong. I am another year older with great memories and lasting friends to share it with. Hopefully soon it’s not another year before I get to the top of Beaver Bowl.

I AM another year older

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