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Addressing Wicked Wind

0 Comments 20 January 2010

The Sierra Nevada’s shining star, Mother Nature, has delivered the goods during this storm; and the goods just get deeper every day. Snow has found its way to every mountain crag and has achieved extravagant depths in a matter of 72 hours. Trees look more like shrouded towering ghosts than the gentle Jeffrey pines of the week prior.

Today, patrol spent all day on snow safety routes, doing their best keeping up with more accumulation – and readying the mountain for whenever the winds diminish enough to open more terrain. It’s not easy: today’s maximum wind speed was 106mph. Walk straight into a breeze that stiff wearing skis and a 40-lb backpack through thigh-deep snow, and you’ve got an idea of their day.

Lift maintenance spent all day making sure the chair lifts didn’t freeze, preparing for a chance for future-day operations. Stick your hand out the window of a car moving 106mph through 20-degree air and see how long it takes for it to freeze. That was their day.

Please know that everyone here is working ’round-the-clock to keep up with the snow, and can’t wait for the wind to slow. We are committed to getting you the most accurate information in the most timely manner as conditions change. Our snow report page is excellent reference and/or follow us on twitter at skialpine for the inside scoop.

As sure as the sun rises, the winds will eventually diminish. And the powder will be waiting. 

This is why Roundhouse Chair was on a wind hold:

Roundhouse storm

This was the calm part of the day, around 7am near Ward Peak:



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