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Hello schralpers!  Mark Sanders back behind the computer again because Alpine Meadows has been going off! Coverage is good-to-go with super schralpy snow.  The landing zones are coming together as well, so don’t forget to keep the chin up and smile, you never know who’s watching. We at Tough Guy are very excited for the upcoming comp. One note that rings loudest is the junior division. Lots of competitors, lots of prize loot. Speaking of loot, make sure ALL of you come out for the Estelle Bowl Challenge on the Sunday after the Big Mountain tele comp.  This comp is cheap – only $30 – and the money goes to the winners. This Estelle Bowl Challenge is open to alpine skiers, snowboarders, and tele skiers, so come out and show your best.  Mono skiers and snowlerbladers are welcome too. It’s a timed event, so getting down fast is the first priority, then extra flair gets up to 10 seconds off your time. Don’t forget to stop by the Gear & Grind Cafe in Tahoe City for high fives and fresh brewed coffee in front of your eyes, and please oh please don’t forget to thank your local liftie. The photos were taken off Scott chair. I think the run is just below Shrek’s Castle but I’m not sure…..Later!

Schrapling @skialpine

Schrapling @skialpine


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