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On May 31st I purchased my Alpine Meadows season Pass for 2009-2010. Determined to enter the ski season in top shape I was running sprints on the track at Reno High School when I had a very serious life threatening heart attack that required quadruple bypass surgery. When I awoke in I.C.U. I was in such brutal pain that I never thought that I would recover to ski again. Within a few weeks I was feeling better. I was back at work within a month and started hiking the trails of the local mountains. The first day that I skied in December the Summit chair had just opened and standing on the summit getting ready to make my first run of the season I could see lake Tahoe and all of the surrounding snow capped mountains in all directions. I was so thankful to be alive and doing what I truly love. Thankful for the medical treatment that I recieved and once again enjoying the freedom of the outdoors. No one knew what was going through my mind that first day of the season but the memories of standing on the summit and looking around in all directions knowing that there must be a god up there and giving me another chance at this most precious gift of life. I’ll never forget that. I WAS BACK….


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