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The Best Skiing: Only found at Alpine Meadows

0 Comments 22 December 2009

It’s a frenzied morning; have to act fast…It’s a POWDER DAY! I throw back a cup of java and get to Alpine Meadows as early as possible. I’m in a race to get first tracks. This is not my normal routine, but I wanted to give it a try. I don’t care where I go, just as long as I have one track that is mine. And then it hits me; the Chute that Seldom Slides. Hooray for first tracks! And with a large smile, deep tele turns, and me and Alpine Meadows. I’m looking up at my tracks like a giddy little kid. After that run, I joined up with friends, still smiling, laughing and enjoying only what can be found at Alpine Meadows.

The BIG picture of Alpine Meadows.

Powder day at Alpine Meadows



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