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January Freeze sets in, year 1989 or 90?. A Pineapple Express set of storms role in and dump epic amounts. I am skiing with Shawn McBride of the Tahoe Ski Team. Beamer was working the older Summit chair and after a few days of closure due to winds and avalanche control we fill the 2nd chair to the top. 77″ of insane powder claimed at the patrol building at the top of Summit Chair… WOW! Idiots Delight was completely covered! We chase down the single lane patrol tracks in order to gain speed before turning down D-6 into Wolverine Bowl. Shawn goes first and shoots off the chair lift pole base chased by streams of crystal powder as he arches throughout the air. Time seemed to slow down as he drifted through the frozen powder filled sky. He disappeared into the bottomless sea of white as I followed in the same path. The powder was so lite you didn’t know when you were air born or just drifting turns! except for an occasional mouth/lungs full of cotton like snow! (we both forgot snorkels…) We again had to follow Patrol tracks until we reached the right side of Waterfall where we claimed applause form Summit Riders as we carved figure eights over the much needed steeper side. Second ride up we headed to D-8 but ended up taking advantage of the deep stuff to go right off the end! Yes, about 60ft of you know what! Before hitting the bottom we both had a chance to look like Bugs Bunny burrowing a tunnel through what wouldn’t hold to the cliffs above!!! Beyond a dream! Many more Alpine moments like this over just a few years…

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