Opening Day at Alpine; so many amazing things happened today!

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Beautiful groomers to get the legs burnin’ on Alpine’s opening day:
Skiing and Riding on Alpine's opening day

The new chair lift gates are smooth and easy; plus they let a lot of people through all at the same time.
New gates at Alpine Meadows are smooth and easy

Great photo of five truly amazing locals!
Left to right: KTKE Truckee’s JD Hoss; Jamaica Ski Team Olympian, Errol Kerr; Olympic coach and tech, Eric “Homey” Holmer; assistant director of mountain operations, David “Rasta” Thatcher; President of Tahoe TV, Eric “E.T.” Brandt

Jamaica Ski Team

Check it out: The new chair lift gates make moving through the lift incredibly easy as well as fast:

The voice of Truckee’s KTKE JD Hoss talks with Jamaica Ski Team Olympian, Errol Kerr. Watch for him at the 2010 games, he’s in it to win it and goin’ for gold!

BONUS: as this blog was being posted, it started to SNOW! This one looks to be big, lasting into next week with feet (not inches) forecast. stay tuned!



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