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On a day last year (can’t remember when exactly) I was skiing with a friend of mine (David, former mountain photo emp.). It was a glorious powder day. We hiked the high T to get some of the early morning pristine powder. It was absolutely epic. My friend dropped into keyhole, but i stayed back and watched his line. He shot through the rocks and disappeared into the white. I dropped in a bit left of his line (somewhere under upper saddle, sure SP has a nifty name for the area). The ride was epic. Had just gotten my hands on some big boards that floated on the fluffy white. My drop was sloppy and my pack came over. I broke loose plenty of snow and somehow recovered it. The ensuing turns were nothing short of amazing. One of the best powder days of my life. I bequeathed my ipod to the mountain that day, but it was worth every second.
I AM Amazed

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