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Standing on top Wolverine Bowl looking down upon a new blanket of snow I have the uncontrollable and overwhelming urge to ditch our rag-tag group of scrappy skiers composed of my husband and three grom kids – the oldest of which is eight years old. After five years of offering our children to the expert hands of the Alpine Ski School and Ski Team, many negotiations about whose turn it is to watch the baby and countless days spent teaching the proper pizza, our kids can finally ski down Wolverine Bowl without fear and only a few stops to help. Unfortunately, “a few stops to help” is not what I’m craving at this flawless Alpine moment and I long to let my skis glide seamlessly straight down the hill. Looking at my husband and with a nod of his head, our silent agreement sends me carelessly flying down the hill for a few sweet moments of childless wonder in the freshly fallen snow. With minimal turns and at full speed, I arrive exhilarated at the bottom of the hill to turn and wait for the scrappers to catch up. Alas, out of the corner of my eye I see a blur of mini black come to a sudden stop only a moment behind me. “MOM! THAT WAS AWWWESOME!!! LET’S DO IT AGAIN!” With my eight year old son panting beside me, I am totally awestruck. He delivers me a well deserved high-five as I suddenly realize my TRUE moment of “freedom” has actually arrived and it has nothing to do with being “alone”. At last, I’ve found that my freedom now comes in the ability to finally share these extraordinary Alpine moments with my children.
I AM free!

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