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I am STOKED to be a snowboarder again!

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I grew up skiing in southern California, transitioned to snowboarding which always seemed more natural to me as I was always surfing and skating since I moved there at age 9. As I grew older and was able to drive, and then buy plane tickets, every year I would get together with friends and family for a week at some ski destination, with Lake Tahoe being the usual default. I introduced my girlfriend to snowboarding, who then became my wife, and we did our routine every winter. Alpine Meadows was always a place that made us smile ear to ear, especially after a big dump. Less crowds, perfect groomers for her, stashes of pow for me, and plenty of friends. We had two daughters, and hung up the snow gear for a good long time…I went maybe one half day in 4 years. Finally, I stuck my 6 year old daughter in 6 consecutive weekend lessons at our local hill so I could get back up there. She cried on lessons 1-3, looked sad on lesson 4, and always wanted to not go all 6. Shortly afterwards, we took a family trip to Alpine Meadows and met my brother’s family there.

From the first all-day lesson, it was all good, all the time. She was stoked to be part of the Labrador group, started working on linking turns, and everytime I checked on her, like a neurotic parent, she was oblivious to me watching her as she was too caught up laughing, falling, and having an all out good time with her instructor and her cousins. The last day, we forgoed the lesson and took her up myself…and at the end of the day, she begged to hit the Hot Wheels chair and we rode down her first “intermediate” slope with nary a fall.

Got home to Seattle, and she spent the next several hours writing and illustrating a book about her awesome snowboarding trip, and wondering when we were going back.

So we’ll be back in 2010, same place, and I’m sure, with the same results. And this time I’ll leave her alone while I get my groove back on, without any worries about her crying…

IAM STOKED to be a snowboarder again!

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