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My cousin and I have been skiing alpine since we could walk. Back when weasel was operating, there was a mid mountain loading station that was adjacent to the Chalet. Every ski day at 10am our extended family meets for hot chocolate and revitalizing warmth, a long standing tradition of ours. During a white out storm we were getting onto weasel chair, which was an unforgiving chair as a youngster, and my cousins ski hit the platform and it drug him out of his seat. As he fell he grabbed onto my skis and I was pulled off the chair but managed to get my arm around the side bar. Luckily two feet had fallen that day because after holding on long enough to allow our chair to gain significant height from the ground, my cousin couldn’t hold on anymore and fell tearing off my skiis in the process. I was left dangling from the chair, ever so slowly moving up to the top of the lift. Due to the white out the lift operators couldn’t see that I had stayed on the chair and ran down to help my cousin. This left me on my own. I managed, at the tender age of 10 or so, to pull myself back up onto the chair but was missing both skis.

As I got to the top I frantically waved my arms to the lift operator who couldn’t see me, again due to the white out. Once he saw me he began waving back, but didn’t realize that my something was wrong until it was too late. Needless to say the exodus from the chair was not very graceful. Both of us escaped without a scratch, and the best part was 4 hours later in the main lodge we overheard two lift operators talking about these two crazy kids that had fallen off weasel.

Alpine is more than a resort, its basically family. To great seasons past, and to this year being a fruitful snowfall.
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