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Growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, Snowboarding was the answer to everything. Starting young and stickin’ too, made me grow into a formidable adversary to all the skiers out there. I will admit that there was a time in my life that I viewed skiing as a wave of the past, and truly believed that snowboarding would prevail as the future of winter sporting. I am now happy to admit that I was WAY OFF! Spending most of my winters in Mammoth, I had plenty of easy access to great terrain via chair lift, so I was unfortunately not much of the backcountry hiker in search of pow. I had been missing out on some of the greatest adventures of my life. The most amazing feeling of hiking in to my destination only to find lines that would prove to be better than any I had ridden in the south sierras.

Anyhow about two years ago I started riding Alpine Meadows, and made some friends who are amazing telemark skiers. One day in the ’07/’08 season, one of these friends offered to let me use their tele gear, and go out on a hike with the others. This day changed my life… Although at that time I was not all that comfortable on tele bindings, (I had skied a number of times before with alpine bindings on Mammoth) I was able to have an experience that would blossom into a transformation of snowboarder into skier.

I have since become an avid tele skier at Alpine Meadows, and sticking with the mountain that has the best hiking terrain, so good in fact, that I very rarely have even stepped into a snowboard, in fear that I will miss a day of great lines hiking Alpine Meadows.

Thank you Alpine, for showing me the light.
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