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0 Comments 20 October 2009

I’m 25 years old and have been skiing at Alpine before I could stand upright on my own.  My dad has taught me from day one; from being in between his legs going down Tiegel, to my first black diamond, to my first GS race he has always been right there helping, teaching, and cheering me on.

Last August my father, David Smith, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  Our family didn’t know if he was going to make it through the 12 hour surgery let alone fathom that he may ever ski again. My dad has recovered remarkably having gone through extensive radiation, chemotherapy, and physical therapy. I have never seen him more determined in anything in life than to get back on the hill he loves the most and shred it the way he knows best.

When we got to the top of Summit chair for the first time since his surgery I was scared, nervous, and sad. I was afraid that my dad wouldn’t be able to ski like he had, and sad that instead of me working so hard to keep up with him, the roles would be reversed and I would be the one waiting up for him. After the first few turns down Alpine Bowl I realized that all of these fears amounted to nothing.  My dad was ripping, making the same smooth, effortless turns that anyone who knows and has ever skied with him can instantly recognize. He blew my expectations of what he would be able to do on skis out of the water. He made me believe if he can ski the same as he always has after such a life altering event, that anything, literally anything is possible.

I will never forget that day, the first run since the surgery, and how inspired by and proud I was to be the son of the strongest willed person I have ever met in my life…my father, David Waine Smith.

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