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I AM not waiting in the parking lot!

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I grew up with a little bit if skiing in the alps. And at the age of 17 I had a serious non ski related injury with my knee – eliminating all activities for me that put any kind of twist force on my knee – including skiing.

Ten years after that I moved to the US and shared an apartment with a guy who is pretty serious about skiing – I told him the story that I would never ski again. But I had picked up surfing, therefore often went surfing while he spent the weekends in the mountains.He continuously tried to make me try out snowboarding with him. I refused – I was done with the winter stuff for life!

One morning I woke up in the car in the parking lot in Lake Tahoe and was told that I could either wait for the next couple of hours in the cold car or could at least give it a try – I tried it with the help of his girlfriend and picked it up fast. The same day I came down a blue run yelling happily that “it is like surfing!” Since that day I have the same addiction as my good old friend who made me go snowboarding when we were still almost strangers.

Two years ago I met my girlfriend – she has a messed up knee from an injury playing volleyball. She had grown up skiing. She has no cartilage in her knee. I had to spent the winter in Tahoe without her and trying to keep my enthusiasm about the great skiing for myself was hard and seeing her suffering when I came home from great weekends in Alpine was even worse.

Last season her and I decided to give it a small try to see if there would even be a remote chance she could ever get back on skis. To everyone’s surprise it did work – she started very slow and over cautious but by the end of last season she was amazing – I remember finding her doing the cliffs underneath the roundhouse express with her teacher – they both had a blast (proof in the pic).

I am so proud to be able to share the winters in the mountains with her now. I love it!
I AM not waiting in the parking lot!

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