Another Successful Employee Night

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75 pizzas in 26 minutes .  Once again the employees of Alpine Meadows exceeded our expectations in cheese and pepperoni consumption .  We had hopes that the 2 enormous salads that the F&B crew put together would slow down the slice inhalation, but no.
Employee Pie Eating ContestEmployee Pie Eating Contest
We are ever so grateful for Chris P., Steve and the rest of F&B crew for whipping out an additional 20 pies for the pizza crazed crowd.

And we also need to send out a big Thank You to Amber and Marketing for providing us with some nice swag for giveaway.  It gave our pie warriors a few minutes to digest before we moved on to the big event…

The roar of the crowd-

The smell of whipped cream-

And it was all over in 2 minutes, 28 seconds.
Employee Pie Eating Contest

Shane devoured his way to an early lead and never looked back.  Our patrol has a nice pizza party to look forward to.

The Crowd:
Employee Pie Eating Contest
Employee Pie Eating Contest
The Winner!
The winner



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