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The WWSRA demo day brought loads of next year’s gear and a new snow storm as a bonus! JT Holmes was out on the hill testing out some of the new Nordica stuff and brought some friends from Norway along for the ride. Here’s what he had to say:

Check out the new Burner from Nordica. It was a pleasure to take ‘em for a lap today. Pictured here, Roff Carter, dials in a shop owner for his test lap:
Roff Carter

Pictured here, JT Holmes is pleased to see the weather change and Eirik Finseth smiles as he endorses Swedish snus.
Eirik Finseth and JT Holmes

Pictured here Kristian Geissler poses in front of Alpine’s boundary line and watches the storm roll in:
Kristian Geissler

Eirik Finseth came all the way from Norway to film a segment with Field Productions. He found Alpine to be very accomodating to his route fnding needs:
Eirik Finseth



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