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Junior Big Mountain Invitational

2 Comments 03 February 2009

The competition at the Junior Big Mountain Invitational was fierce.  Select members of three local freestyle teams competed this past Sunday at Alpine Meadows – off-piste – in the Three Sisters.  These young competitors’ ages ranged form 11 to 14, with skills mad enough to be seen on the big screen.  Teams from Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley and Sugar Bowl were judged in five categories: line, technique, control, fluidity, and overall impression.  I can tell you, I was impressed!  Take a look at the photos and results below:

Top Male:
1) Ryan Faye – Squaw Valley Ski Team
2) Chris Verrue – Alpine Meadow Ski Team
3) Drew Hartley – Sugar Bowl

Top Female:
1) Taylor Briggs – Alpine Meadow Ski Team
2) Sarah Williams – Squaw Valley Ski Team
3) Natalie Bogardus – Squaw Valley Ski Team

Emily Nall

Junior Big Mountain Invitational

Jr Big Mountain Invitational

Emmett Seely and Drew Hartley

Junior Big Mountain Invitational

Julia Nierenberg

Junior Big Mountain Invitational

Our Judges: Jeremy B. – Doug P. – and Lynn K.

Junior Big Mountain Invitational



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  1. Randy says:

    What a great time watching the kids tear it up on Three Sisters this weekend! I’m not sure how to embed pictures in my comments so these will probably just appear as links. But here are a few pictures of some of the Alpine Competitors plus a couple of crowd shots.

    Watching the comp from the bottom:

    Alpine Team member #27 getting air:

    Alpine Team member #30 getting air:

    Alpine girl’s Team member #9 at the finish:

    Jake keeping his shoulders level:

    View of the comp from the Summit Chair:

  2. Randy says:

    OK, embedding the photos didn’t seem to work. So here are the links:

    Watching the comp from the bottom:×120/biglines_87502.jpg

    Alpine Team member #27 getting air:×120/biglines_87501.jpg

    Alpine Team member #30 getting air:×120/biglines_87500.jpg

    Alpine girl’s Team member #9 at the finish:×120/biglines_87499.jpg

    Jake keeping his shoulders level:×120/biglines_87467.jpg

    View of the comp from the Summit Chair:×120/biglines_87468.jpg

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