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Laying down the corduroy.

19 Comments 23 January 2009

At Alpine Meadows we have awesome powder and awesome grooming. While the Jet stream is in control of the powder, Grooming Manager Dave Cassaro is in charge of the grooming. Starting just after the lifts close down and the sun sets on Tahoe, Dave’s team hits the mountain in state of the art Snow Cats to lay down the best corduroy in the area.


Ever wonder why the diehards are still jockying for the first ride up the Summit 6 even on non-powder days? Try carving Super-G turns on laps down Wolverine and Nick’s laying down sweet patterns in the corn rows. Tip, use a face mask or that smile will get frozen to your face…

Video Tricks

We confess: To tell the story of what the Alpine Grooming team gets done after sunrise we had to use some sneaky video tricks. We worked long and hard on it and we think it makes a night and day difference.

We tried to be subtle about it, walk backwards through our tracks, stay in the shadows, but we think you might catch us anyway. If you can spot the TWO video tricks used in this episode of the Ski Alpine Podcast, post a comment here in the blog. The first one to get the both will get a two pack of Lift Tickets. Want to ski the freshies for free tomorrow? Watch closely…



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  1. Demetri Mouratis says:

    time lapse and skier/boarder held camera

  2. rozeyt says:

    It looks like the scenes where the cats are lined up going up or down the slope are doctored because it makes no sense for so many to be right behind each other in the same line. It does make the slope easier to see though.

  3. Casey says:

    All I see is two weird vertical lines on the trees in the first few seconds, and then the man with earphones on and the jumpcut to no man with earphones on. Minimal shadow of the shooter coming down the hill at the end. :)

  4. John says:

    Did you slow down the shutter speeds on the camera and turn off the camera’s IR/light when filming inside the cab? Also looks like you used some time lapse technique at the end of the video to show the sun rise…

  5. Kenny says:

    The lights on the cats in the first few shots are definitely not normal … have no idea what they did to it though.

  6. Chris Stowell says:

    The cats were shot pre-dark and their lights were added later, and the interview was done in a cat that wasn’t really moving – maybe a bunch of guys outside shaking the cat while the camera guy wobbled about a bit?

  7. Tahoe ski bum says:

    I know what you guys do…and the precision and dedication you all put into the hill…Kudos to the best groomers in the Basin.

  8. Robert Payne says:

    Juju magic and fairy dust?

  9. Brett says:

    Opening shots looks like there’s a filter to make it look a little darker than it is. And then maybe, looks like you guys tilted the camera too make it look a little steeper. Great video!

  10. admin says:

    You’re really HOT on ONE of them, but WAY cold on the other! It’s subtle…

  11. Joey says:

    Parts of it look as though they were shot with a neutral density filter to help saturate the colors, and other parts look as though they were shot though a blue filter,… other than that, who cares?

  12. Sarah M. says:

    did you reverse the film to make the sun set on the east side of tahoe and maybe mirror that sequence too

  13. admin says:

    Our trickery has been exposed… now, to put it together.

  14. Teto F says:

    [...] walk backwards through our tracks, stay in the shadows,[...]

  15. Chris Stowell says:

    Is one that the sunset is really a sunrise, and that the cats lights are fake/shot with a blue filter before dark?

  16. Janet says:

    Reversal of the film to make the sun set on the east side and use of time lapse

  17. Doug says:

    I think you reversed the video of the opening sunrise which is made to look like a sunset. (Which is a nice touch to transition the story to the night grooming activity. You also sped up the video during the shot with the cats screaming down the mountain.

  18. Demetri Mouratis says:

    Shot with filter and reversed the film?

  19. admin says:

    Chris Stowell is our winner… Nice work in spotting our tricks. We will be in touch shortly with your riches.

    A special thanks to everyone else that commented and participated!

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