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Alpine Meadows Divas

5 Comments 12 January 2009

Well … not sure if that will be the name, but you’ll get the idea.  Read on.

Today we held tryouts for the Alpine Meadows women’s team. The objective of the team is to choose a group of women who will personify Alpine Meadows real, authentic brand and act as ambassadors to the mountain and the Ski & Snowboard School, especially our women’s programs. After all, the best way to sell something is find those who are most passionate about it to do it!

Doug Pierini, Regional Director of Resort Services/Ski & Snowboard School opened the day with a pep talk explaining the rigorous tryout schedule and the expectations of the team. General manager, Jim Kercher (Kerch) added to his comments reminding us that the buzz from this team should attract additional talented people to our team as coaches, while also acting as friendly mountain and ski school ambassadors. Kerch was to judge skiing and teaching abilities. My critical eye was supposed to judge style and personality. As expected, the competition was tough. Our ladies are talented and focused on fun, while learning. Emphasis on FUN. These ladies know what it takes to have a good time …

Those up for the job are as follow:

1. Deanna Neu
2. Danielle Hankinson
3. Carina Cutler
4. Leigh Pierini
5. Jill Evans
6. DJ Beals
7. Lynn Kennon
8. MJ Rees
9. Billie Cornell
10. Andrea Richards
11. Haid Garrett
12. Colene Carroll
13. Kim Mann
14. Kim Covill

We plan to post the final team by the end of the week. In the meantime, take a look at a couple of shots from the try out today. If you have a suggested team name, please comment to the blog.
Special thanks to all of the participants! We are very excited to support this new initiative and get this team out in the marketplace representing our cool mountain and Ski & Snowboard School.


Alpine Divas

Alpine Divas

Alpine Divas



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5 Comments so far

  1. Randy says:

    All I know is they looked great doing the Electric Slide out in front of the Chalet!

  2. Tele till your smelly says:

    Do any of the women instructors tele? You should show them!

  3. DJ Beals says:

    So far I am the only female telemarker that tried out for the team. I am also an instructor, but I’m not sure if I’m the only telemark instructor.

  4. Fibes says:

    Get ‘em, Covill!!!

  5. wood doggy says:

    sounds cool,

    when is the mens freeride tryouts?

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