What do the San Francisco Zoo and Alpine Meadows have in common?

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What do the San Francisco Zoo and Alpine Meadows have in common? More than you think!

With so many of its longtime skiers and snowboarders living in San Francisco and the
surrounding area, Alpine Meadows decided to support a non-profit organization within
many of our guests’ home town – beyond the scope and season of skiing.

The San Francisco Zoo inspires millions of San Francisco residents and visitors to care
for and protect our planet and its wildlife, learn about conservation, and share what
they’ve learned with family and friends. The San Francisco Zoo embodies the very values
for which Alpine Meadows strives; so much so, that Alpine Meadows has been inspired to
support the San Francisco Zoo’s ongoing educational and conservational efforts.

Did you know? You may already know this; but it’s worth repeating:

• Not only does the San Francisco Zoo host on-site habitats for more than 200 animal
species; but the zoo actively supports plant and animal habitat, research, and species
protection on a local, state, national, and global level.

• 30 of the San Francisco Zoo’s species are part of the Species Survival Program
(or SSP). The zoo represents an integral step in saving endangered species from extinction.
Visit SFZoo.org to find out which SSP animals reside at the zoo.

• The San Francisco Zoo has ongoing educational classes, camps, and lectures for both
kids and adults. Can’t make it to the zoo? They’ll come to you via ZooMobile.

• Visitors, members, and friends of the San Francisco Zoo also visit Alpine Meadows.
Present your Alpine Meadows Alpine Club membership card at the San Francisco Zoo and receive
a free child’s (age 4-14) admission with a paying adult.Visit SFZoo.org or call 415.753.7080
today for more information.

Ice skate at the San Francisco Zoo and visit Santa’s reindeer!
From November 22 until New Year’s Day, visitors can twirl and glide at the Holiday Ice
Skating Rink and meet Santa’s reindeer! Well, okay; they’re not the original Dasher, Dancer,
Prancer, and Vixen… but they’re just as special! Holly, Velvet, Belle, and Peppermint will
land at the San Francisco Zoo to spread the holiday cheer and spirit!
Ice Skating SF Zoo

As proud partners for winter 2008/2009, Alpine Meadows and the San Francisco Zoo invite you to
be a part of winter spirit. Visit SkiAlpine.com and SFZoo.org to plan a visit today!

San Francisco Zoo Reindeer Romp



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