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Errol Kerr and Jamaica Ski Team begin training

0 Comments 10 November 2008

Check it out, Alpine.  We had some awesome training at the Spyder Speed Freaks camp in Copper Mountain, Colorado.  It’s our first on-snow training since New Zealand in August.   We did some gate training, and it was good to be back on snow again.  I am excited to get back to Tahoe.  I haven’t been home since I left for Jamaica in mid-October.  Gregg Samuels, our new recruit to the Jamaica Ski Team, will be coming home with me, and we’ll be out on the mountain as soon as we get some snow!!! 

Errol Kerr, Jamaica Ski Team - who has written 19 posts on Ski Alpine Meadows.
The one-man Jamaica Ski Team, you can see Errol blazing down skier cross courses all over the world, representing the colors of Jamaica and his hometown ties to Alpine Meadows.

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