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I Want a Free Ticket…

1 Comment 04 November 2008

From one tele skier to all of you skiers and riders, I can tell you, I feel safe. On this cold and snowy Sunday, why would anyone show-up for a chair lift evacuation exercise? Well, if you are not afraid of heights, which I am, and want a free lift ticket, “heck yeah!” you could have helped Alpine Meadows Ski Patrol practice the techniques used in the event of a chair lift evac.Chair Lift Evacuation @ Alpine

The conditions could not have been any more appropriate. Believe me; if you are going to be rescued off a chair, it is going to be a day like this: Gusting south west winds, sideways precipitation, low visibility, minus the cup of coffee most were consuming to keep warm. The communication between patroller and evacuee was amazing. All fear of sliding yourself over the seat of the chair is long forgotten with the exhilaration of belaying back to safety. Most of us never get to witness, let alone participate in such an event, and hopefully we never will. But, if we must get rescued, Alpine Meadows Ski Patrol is ready to assist you.

 Chair Lift Evacuation @ AlpineChair Lift Evacuation @ Alpine


A big thank you goes out to all of you who endured Sunday’s weather, and helped the Alpine Meadows Ski Patrol staff.

Since these photos were taken on November 2nd, more than a foot on snow has fallen!





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  1. Mel Curnow says:

    Ski Patrol rocks! And don’t forget the cute avalanche dogs.

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