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And the winners are…

9 Comments 22 September 2008

Alpine Meadows has renamed three of its popular mountain trails, thanks to more than 1,000 suggestions from the Tahoe and Truckee communities.

And here are the winners…

Greg Jellinek for suggesting Dancefloor; Melanie Jackson sending in Werner’s Schuss; and Daryl Nolch for Boomerang.

Red Trail has been renamed Dancefloor, a trail name from Alpine’s yesteryear which is often heard from the mountain’s tenured skiers.  Blue Trail has been renamed Werner’s Schuss, in honor of Werner Schuster, the legendary Director of Ski School from the early 1960s to the mid 1970s and continued his career as Vice President of Marketing through 1997.  Many longtime Alpine Meadows employees pay tribute to Werner for making Alpine Meadows what it is today; and still enjoy skiing with him.  Green Trail has been renamed Boomerang.  Its direction and shape, if viewed from above, indeed resembles the well known Aboriginal throwing stick.

The contest winners received a sunset snowcat ride for up to eight people, a midweek pass for winter 2008/2009, and a full-day mountain tour for up to five people including line-cutting privileges.  The new names will grace the trails, mountain trail maps, and website.



Deanna - who has written 2 posts on Ski Alpine Meadows.
As the Regional Director of Sales & Marketing for Alpine Meadows, Deanna is the one making sure the rest of the Sales & Marketing team is working hard on powder days to spread the word to the people.

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  1. Gone2Alpine says:

    Congrats to Greg…I’m sure we’re not the only 2 people that suggested Dancefloor. He just has a pretty last name!

  2. Deanna Gescheider says:

    Greg was the first of many suggestions that the name change to Dancefloor. Being the first won him the recognition. Thank you for also participating! We hope you are glad that your name won too. See you on the hill.

  3. Bert Adams says:

    Great!! I love it that “Dancefloor” has re-emerged. Honoring Werner Schuster is the “right” thing to do. Kudos!!! Boomarang is also a very descriptive name. Great job – Alpine!!

  4. Wayne says:

    I wasn’t entirely aware that Dancefloor didn’t exist any more. Can someone help me find the Plateau T-Bar? Time to update my trail map!

  5. Awesome. Those are all excellent and deserving names.

  6. Carol Kinman says:

    Name the next new name for a trail (whenever that happens) in memory of Bob Everson who was also a Director of the Ski School at Alpine and died tragically on the Lake.

  7. Ben R. says:

    those are all good names.

    but off on a tangent i think that this site needs to have a more up to date attitude (evn though the season hasnt started)

    to management- how bout some pics about what has been goin on in the park eg. team, features, anything new.

    maybe im just in a crummy mood cuz im itchin to ski and this doesnt mean anything though.

  8. daryl nolch says:

    Thank you. ‘Boomerang’ was an obvious suggestion from this Australian. I’m so looking forward to my annual pilgrimmage. Alpine rocks!

  9. Mel Curnow says:

    Schuster’s Schuss would’ve been a tongue twister.

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