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Alpine Needs Community Input Renaming 3 Trails!

30 Comments 28 August 2008

And the winners are…

Greg Jellinik – Renamed Red Trail to: Dancefloor
Melanie Jackson – Renamed Blue Trail to: Werner’s Schuss
Daryl Nolch – Renamed Green Trail to: Boomerang

A big THANK YOU goes out to all of our loyal skiers & riders for participating in this contest.  The response was overwhelming!  We look forward to an amazing 2008-2009 winter season and having all of you on the slopes.   Now pray for snow! 

Alpine Meadows is seeking the input from the community to rename three of its most popular intermediate trails, namely Red, Green, and Blue Trails.

Why are the trails being renamed? Underwhelming but true, the colors which serve as trail names were given because they were the colors of the survey tape used during the trails’ construction during the 1960s.

“The trails are special and their names deserve a bit more character,” said Jim Kercher, Alpine Meadows General Manager. I remember working at Alpine in 1975; and even then, people consistently commented that the names needed some more creativity. For the trail re-naming contest, the best suggestions for the new names are going to come from people who ski and ride them on a regular – even daily – basis. The new trail names aim to reflect the strong connection between Alpine and its roots and community,” he added.




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30 Comments so far

  1. Bert Adams says:

    Even though I cannot ski any more because of medical reasons, I think it is highly appropriate to rename these trails. I want to participate. So right now I have put on my thinking cap and will submit my recommendations soonest.

  2. Will Geffen says:

    I am sad to hear that the trails are being renamed as these have become imprinted on my mind. Will Red-Green trail also be changed?

    It would be cool to have blue be named pipe-dream, because of the halfpipe that used to be their but also the great snow that is there early morning, and also skiing down blue after Wolverine is a dream run.

    Green should be something local, maybe valley run or ridge trail.

    And red should be side street, or cross street because of the shortcut feel it has to it when skiing from it back onto blue

  3. Wayne says:

    Seems like Red-Green should be included. When there’s no Red and no Green, Red-Green will be kind of weird.

  4. mandy says:

    It’s about time!!

  5. Peter Wojnar says:

    Blue trail- Roundhouse Trail
    Red Trail- Crossover
    Green Trail- Sympathy Sideline

    Hope this helps. I suggested roundhouse trail for blue cause its the main trail down the mountain from roundhouse, Crossover because it joins the left and right sides of Sympathy face, and sympathy sideline because it is right near sympathy and is a great place from which to laugh at people’s sympathy deserving falls.

  6. david blair says:

    “Chalet” trail
    “Alpine” trail
    red/green= “slalom”
    high yellow= “special”
    After twenty or so years I never remembered the colors, only where they go, and what they mean to me. And, while we’re here, where does “D” chute come from?

  7. Sara says:

    Sierra Chase

    Chaser’s Trail

    Sky’s Limit

    Jolly Green

  8. daren berkett tuchman says:

    #1) Fritzis Run (fritzi & ernie benesh were one of the first owners of alpine meadows)

    #2)Tessies Folly–(from the famous story of Tahoe Tessie)

    #3)Foxy Lady
    #4)Joy Ride
    #5)Bears Lair
    #6)Eagles Run

    **great idea to have a contest. our family has been skiing at alpine for 40+ years and it is our favorite resort in the universe–well run, happy, great mountain…we have had so much fun coming up with these names

  9. Larry Ketchum says:

    Showboat – Blue
    Exhibition – Green
    Parade – Red

  10. Dan Rogers says:

    Red Trail –>Rex’s Run
    Green –> Marmot
    Blue–> Cod Shoot

  11. Alan Eggers says:

    “Red Green” run should be “Lodge Run” denoting the way down to the lodge.
    “Blue” should be “Round About” denoting a round about trail off Round House chair

  12. La Selva says:

    Soar at Alpine on these awesome runs:
    Raven, Eagle & Hawk

  13. Linda Crowell says:

    My friends and I have been calling Red Trail Mims Trail – after Miriam Sodergren since she and her husband died in the mudslide in New Zealand. I think it would be great to remember her that way. Also – red/green should go back to it’s original name – Dance Floor. Alot of us call it that anyway.
    How about Jorg’s Run for Blue trail – after Jorg Duetchke – an origianl Alpine Meadow character!

  14. Daniela S says:

    Blue- Big Sky
    Green- Shredder or Sidewinder
    Red- Crusher or Mega Run

  15. Tracy K says:

    We lost a big time Alpine Meadows skier by the name of Ron Mardigian last December (passed in his sleep at age 49). Ron loved Alpine, always had a season pass, loved to ski with Walter perhaps more than anything else in this world. He would get a kick out of trail named after him as would his family and long list of friends who have taken to calling the F Tree the “farewell Ron tree”…

  16. Christine Owen says:

    Blue – Jorg-a-thon
    Red – Mainline
    Green – Free Flight

  17. Joe Kay says:

    There was once a sign on Red calling that run “Dance Floor” when it was the only groomed run back in the 1970′s. After many years that sign faded and then was gone. I have always called that run Dance Floor because that is it’s name. No need to call it anything else.

  18. Joe Kay says:

    Green run should be called “Sympathy” because it is directly below Sympathy Face.

  19. Joe Kay says:

    Blue Run should be called Peter’s run because it is directly below Peter’s Peril face

  20. Cheryl Chambers (& Reed) says:

    I just wanted to say to whomever it was @ Alpine who suggested renaming a run after a lost patroler…Thank you !! It means alot to us !!

  21. Deanna Neu says:

    I suggested earlier Britt’s bend or be like Britt but what about Britt’s Crown (since we all know he loved Crown Royal). Mim’s run is a great idea as well! let’s remember our precious Alpine family we have lost over the years!

  22. Bert Adams says:

    I agree “Dance Floor” should reappear. Blue can be Jorg’s Jaunt or Warner’s Way or Schuster’s Slope. Also Ski Patrol Alley would be great for Green

  23. Don G says:

    My votes:
    Red – Dance Floor
    Blue – Jorg’s Turn, because of all the times I (and many others) have been down that run with Jorg Duetchke saying “Do x number of carved turns between here and there” (being usually some ridiculously short distance) only to watch him do it with speed and grace. He has taught many of us over his long career at AM how to be better skiers.
    Green – Well, how about green

  24. Lori Eng-Lapinskas says:

    I would love to see Red trail named back to “Dance Floor”. I don’t think I could call that run by any other name…just ask my ski buddies. Whenever anyone says “take Red trail”, I say “you mean Dance Floor?”

  25. Linda Williams says:

    So as to not confuse your loyal skiers, why not keep the colors in the names…Blue Tahoe, Sky Blue, Blue Lake, Evergreen, Green Tree, Alpine Green, Redcross, Red Rose.

  26. Gone2Alpine says:

    Well…it would be cool to name a run for Clay Beck, former director of the Alpine Meadows Freestyle Team. Clay passed this summer in a crash of his personal plane. Red-Green has been a nice mid-mountain park in recent years. Let’s name that Clay’s Run.

  27. Morgan says:

    These don’t necessarily have to be matched:

    Mosey Along – red
    Powder Hound or Side Kick (like roundhouse kick) or Face Shots – green
    The Cat’s Meow (groomed trail) – red/green trail
    Zip Line or Fast Track or Summit Highway – blue

  28. Greg Felsch says:

    Hi, I would like to submit a name for Blue Trail: Schusters Schuss, named for the infamous Werner Schuster! If you don’t know Werner you are not in the know!

    Respectively submitted,

    Greg Felsch

  29. Gordon says:

    Having a run named after Clay would be nice. I am a rider on the team and was very shocked when i heard about Clays accident. This would be a great name that everyone would appreciate and it is necessary to have a memory of Clay in a run at Alpine. He is missed greatly


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