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 Dave Mason and Jim Messina visited Alpine last week and put on one hell of a show.  At about 2pm that Thursday afternoon, Jim began to warm up in the lodge, making for a unique afternnoon of a single, perfect violin melody filling the empty base lodge.

At about 4:30, the neighborhhood arrived.  Seeing old friends flowing through the breezeway and onto the base area lawn seemed familiar; only that night, they toted picnic blankets and dawned flip flops, shades, and shorts – a stark contrast to the usual garb of powder skis, goggles, and Gore Tex.  Here’s an odd thought: without all those clothes, it’s tough to recognize folks.

 The crowd at Alpine

As the pre- party started, Alpine’s insanely talented new chef, Chris Patrick, kicked butt holdin’ it down. He had the barbeque raging, and of course, brews on hand to make sure the natives felt at home on their hallowed, mountainous ground.


Undoubtedly, The Man with a Plan, is indeed Rich Wrenn (Alpine’s Trail Crew Manager). The Guru of Grass created an incredible outdoor music venue. He and the team planted the most cushy, emerald green lawn smack in the middle of Kangaroo. It made for great Frisbee throwing, body-rolling, and lawn chair lounging while wathcing the band, which was set up at the bottom of the run. For various reasons, body-rolling was done before sunset. Post-sunset, the random snowball would land in the crowd, undoubtedly gathered from the nearby snow patch on Nick’s Run, left over from the last time the crowd visited Alpine en mass (skiing and riding in May).

Judging by 1) the number of people who rushed the stage to boogie and 2) the length of the encore(s), the music passed. No, it didn’t just pass; it was outstanding. Thanks to the friendly neighbors and visitors alike who made for a great evening at Alpine. Thanks to Jim, Dave, and the band for an amazing show.


Jim and Dave













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