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1 Comment 08 April 2008

Looking out the office window today, I started thinking to myself, where are all the skiers/riders today? I mean, we have 10 feet of snow! Yes, that’s right, I said 10 feet of snow!!

I know what you are thinking, it has not snowed in days and the snow is melting; rocks rearing their ugly heads to the surface; burned out runs and the fear of trashing your ski gear. But, did you read the second sentence…10 feet of snow!

And the corn snow! Don’t get me going on the corn snow. Have you ever skied corn? I mean really good corn snow! Especially the corn which grows at Alpine Meadows. Let me tell you, it doesn’t get any better than this. Look, I’m a powder hound and love dippin’ the knee on a fat pow day. But, corn snow can be just as good if not better than a pow day. You hit the corn just right, after it has been harvested and…wow!

How is said corn found and harvested you ask…well, that’s easy! At Alpine Meadows all one has to do is just follow the sun. yeah, it’s that easy, follow the slopes that are radiated by the sun first and you will see a transformation like no other. After you have attacked the slopes, the quads burning and found all of the corn on the hill, now it’s time to relax on Alpine’s famous Sun Deck and re-charge with an apres beer.




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1 comment

  1. stuw says:

    Still lots of snow :-)
    Why did you close? :-(

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